How Much Does Avada Theme Cost

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How Much Does Avada Theme Cost in 2024

With over 1 million active installs, Avada from ThemeFusion is hands down the most popular premium WordPress theme. For good reason – its state-of-the-art drag & drop builder, library of 100+ websites, and smooth integration with page builders like Elementor make creating beautiful, professional sites easier than ever.

But many wonder, how much investment does it take to leverage the capabilities of Avada? As one of the most feature-rich themes, what do their various pricing plans and license options look like?

In this in-depth guide, we will explore How Much Does Avada Theme Cost in 2024 and help you determine what budget you need for your goals. Let’s dive in!

Standalone Purchase Options on ThemeForest Being part of the Envato Creative Marketplace, standalone purchases for Avada licenses are available on ThemeForest. There are a few pricing options:

  1. Avada Standard: $69 one-time payment
  2. Avada PRO: $100 one-time payment

So Avada standard alone gives you full access to the theme for just $69. Then what does the PRO license add for the extra $40 investment?

You get a few bonuses including:

  • 🌟 6 months of Avada theme updates
  • 🌟 6 months of Avada support
  • 🌟 Additional theme customizations

For most users, the $69 standard license should suffice to get started. Then you can always upgrade to PRO later based on need.

For any purchase on ThemeForest – you have the comfort of their 30-day money-back guarantee in case you face issues.

What’s Included in Avada Standard License?

Now let’s explore what you get as part of the base $69 Avada package:

  • 📦 Fusion Builder + Fusion Theme
  • 📦 50+ Premade Websites to Edit
  • 📦 500+ Template Pages
  • 📦 Lifetime Technical Support
  • 📦 400+ Fusion Options
  • 📦 Theme Updates (1 Year)

Basically, full access to all Avada core features without compromises. $69 gets you an elite-caliber theme that would otherwise cost $1500+ to get custom-designed!

For context, the Fusion Builder itself is valued at a regular price of $69 – so with Avada standard, you get that + 95 starter sites, support access, etc making it an unbeatable value.

Ongoing Access With Avada Membership Instead of a one-time license, you can also access Avada via an annual subscription known as Avada Membership. It grants unlimited use of the theme on client projects and sites.

There are a few tiers available:

  • 🔸 Avada Membership: $249/year
  • 🔸 Avada Membership PRO: $349/year

The PRO plan adds exclusive perks such as:

  • ✔ 95 websites/clients supported
  • ✔ Lifetime theme updates
  • ✔ Early feature access
  • ✔ Fast-lane support

For freelancers managing multiple sites, the potential time and cost savings of the PRO plan can be worthwhile long term.

Deeper Comparison of Avada VS Membership To help decide standalone license vs membership, let’s dig deeper:

1️⃣ Update Schedule: Both options get timely updates but Membership guarantees lifetime access to new features. With one-time purchase support lasts 1 year.

2️⃣ Sites Supported: Regular license is a single site while Membership allows unlimited sites. PRO tier allows 60 sites.

3️⃣ Priority Support: Standard plans have outstanding support too but Membership promises faster responses via a dedicated channel.

So in a nutshell – if you want extended updates, multi-site flexibility, and premium support, Membership edges out a standalone purchase. But evaluate accordingly.

Bundled Deals For those wanting the full Avada ecosystem with bonus products, ThemeFusion offers value-packed bundles such as:

  • 💠 Avada + Convert Pro Bundle
  • 💠 Avada + Toolbox Bundle
  • 💠 Avada + Slider Revolution Bundle
  • 💠 Avada + Design Assets Bundle

Pricing ranges from $164 to $284 depending on items bundled.

These represent up to 40% additional savings off buying individually. Bundle options keep changing so check their sales page for the latest combos.

Additional Cost Considerations While the above covers direct ThemeFusion purchases, you must account for a few other costs when budgeting for Avada:

  • ▶ WordPress hosting fees per year
  • ▶ Domain registration/renewal charges
  • ▶ SSL certificate for enabling HTTPS

Factor around $100-150/year for robust managed WordPress hosting. Also about $15/year for the domain and $69-90 for an SSL certificate depending on the provider.

What’s the Final Verdict on Avada Pricing? Given its elite standards of quality, support, and continuous innovation – Avada offers exceptional value across all pricing tiers. You’d easily spend 5x more trying to replicate Avada’s functionalities via hiring developers and designers.

Here is an approximate budget range to work with:

  • 🔻 Avada Standalone License: $120-200
  • 🔻Avada Membership: $350-500
  • 🔻 Avada PRO/Bundles: $550+

The minimum $69 entry point makes Avada accessible even for new bloggers with limited budgets. From easy WordPress management to cutting-edge features – Avada caters to sites of any scale and budget.

Avada’s developers WP Content Themes have revealed a number of exciting upgrades lined up for their flagship theme in 2024:

  1. Full Compatibility with Upcoming WordPress 6.1 Release – Avada will leverage all new features and APIs from upcoming WordPress versions to stay at the cutting edge.
  2. Enhanced Template Workflows – Building websites using Avada will become even easier through refinements in how you can customize and save templates.
  3. Header & Footer Builder Upgrades – The header/footer editor will offer advanced styling options with more flexibility and personalization possible.
  4. 150+ New Website Demos – They plan to add 100+ premium industry-specific website demos to speed up development across niches.
  5. Design Trend Improvements – Visual upgrades and options will be added to ensure compliance with latest web design standards.

As you can see, WP Content Themes is serious about cementing Avada’s position as the #1 WordPress theme by delivering massive value via continuous innovation aligned with industry trends.

Yes, Avada continues to be one of the best premium WordPress themes you can buy in 2024. Backed by a well-resourced developer team at WP Content Themes, Avada has a robust roadmap including full WordPress 6.1 optimization, 200+ new website templates, design upgrades and enhanced drag & drop builders planned for 2024.


What major improvements is the Avada team working on for 2024?

For 2024, the Avada team has revealed significant upgrades including easier customization workflows for clients, refinement of header/footer builder for flexibility, 150+ additional premium website demos, and tweaks to ensure compliance with latest web design trends.

How much does an Avada license cost?

Avada offers licenses starting at $69 for the standard version on ThemeForest. They also have Membership options from $249 per year for extended access. Bundles with their other products like Slider Revolution are also available, usually discounted around 20-40% off individual prices.

Does Avada work well with Elementor page builder?

Yes, Avada offers seamless integration with Elementor, allowing you to easily import demo sites made with Elementor and customize them further using drag & drop. This makes site building very beginner-friendly.

What support options come with Avada?

All licenses of Avada include lifetime support from their renowned customer support team. Priority support channels are also available for extended Membership plans, allowing faster responses for clients with bigger projects.

Hope this detailed pricing breakdown has helped you determine the optimal Avada investment for your goals! I welcome any other questions in the comments.

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