What is the best selling WordPress theme of all time

With WordPress powering over 43% of all websites globally, thousands of free and premium WordPress themes exist in the marketplace promising stunning designs and robust functionality.

But over the past decade, one theme has established itself as the undisputed leader and best-selling WordPress theme across various measures – Avada from ThemeFusion.

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In this post, let’s analyze why Avada continues to hugely outsell rivals and what contributed to its runaway success. Spoiler alert – with over 939,346+ site activations and a cluster of other achievements under its belt, Avada takes the crown!

By studying the factors behind why Avada dominates, you’ll better understand what users search for in a premium WordPress theme. This can guide your own theme/product development decisions as well.

Let’s get started, shall we?

What is the best selling WordPress theme of all time?

Putting Avada’s Mindboggling Popularity into Perspective

Avada hasn’t just inched past competitors – it has thoroughly crushed them! ThemeFusion reports an insane 939,346+ active installs for Avada as per 2023 data revealed on their website. This is almost 5x more than the second best seller Ultimo.

To hit this adoption rate:

⚡ Over 285 Avada themes are activated each day
⚡ That’s 10 new sites launched every hour powered by Avada!!!

This popularity streak has steadily grown year-over-year as well. A staggering 105% increase happened from 2019 to 2023 indicating the accelerating demand.

But raw install numbers only tell part of the story. Avada consistently ranks as the #1 premium theme across every marketplace it is sold on including:

✅ ThemeForest’s top-selling WP theme for 10 straight years
✅ CodeCanyon’s #1 WordPress Theme since 2015
✅ MojoMarketplace’s highest-grossing item overall!

Very evidently, no other theme developer has managed to match the raging popularity wave Avada is on. This sales juggernaut shows no signs of slowing down either.

So how does Avada continuously crush records across every metric? What’s the secret recipe fueling this best-selling theme dominance? Let’s figure out next!

Key Ingredients Behind Avada’s Runaway Success Revealed

Drilling down, Avada’s meteoric rise is powered by 3 key unfair advantages that no other theme possesses currently:

Unmatched Quality & Depth of Features

Avada started with a bold vision to become the most complete theme ever. And they’ve delivered on that over multiple years by cramming every feature one could ask for — vibrant drag & drop builder, integrated page builders support, 100+ ready sites, 500+ templates, easy updates, etc.

It almost feels like 10 niche-focused themes bundled into one with design depth to cater from blogs to eCommerce. This sheer feature abundance has made Avada the easy first choice for thousands with diverse needs under one roof.

Savvy Business Model Prioritizing Customer Success

Instead of chasing short-term bucks from a standalone purchase, ThemeFusion plays the long game by nurturing successful customer outcomes via the Avada Membership program.

This builds tremendous goodwill and word-of-mouth growth. Avada doesn’t just enable site creation but business results!

Obsessive Focus on Continuous Innovation Complacency kills. And the Avada juggernaut knows that all too well by relentlessly upgrading with new in-demand features every quarter. No matter how ahead of the pack they are already!

These 3 pillars form Avada’s unique competitive advantage. The barriers to duplicating this powerful combo are extremely high for challengers.

What Does Avada Dominance Say About WordPress Users’ Needs?

Watching any product attain such raving fan status offers key consumer insights. Several hypotheses around WordPress users’ needs are validated by observing Avada’s journey:

❇️ Comprehensiveness valued over niche focus
❇️ Page builders integration is considered a must-have
❇️ Frequent updates crucial for premium price
❇️ Generous ready templates speed up launch

Essentially, Avada checked all the boxes with a highly versatile, constantly innovative product. Maybe early competitors failed by treating the WP themes market too narrowly.

Of course, market dynamics evolve so obsessively tracking user feedback is still key even for the king!

Can Any Theme Dethrone Avada’s Best Seller Status?

Given this enormous adoption lead over 10+ years, playing catch up to Avada seems impossible! Newer players have certainly captured niches like Astra for simplicity and OceanWP for versatility.

But challenging the raw numbers behemoth head-on able to serve almost any site need imaginable? Not anytime soon.

Unless… complacency sets in for Avada where they take their eye off continuous innovation. That could open the door for an aggressive competitor. But judging by their release history, Avada’s ambitious roadmap doesn’t indicate a slowing down.

For a blast from the past, before Avada the highest selling theme on ThemeForest itself was WooFramework. But its popularity dwindled as Avada brought a total solution to the table.

This further confirms the WordPress themes market rewards well-rounded, constantly evolving options vs niche players.

Key Takeaways – What Fuels Avada’s Dominance In closing, here are the crucial lessons from studying why Avada became the all-time best-selling WordPress theme:

  • ✔ Solve a wide array of user needs under one umbrella
  • ✔ Build a loyal customer base via education/support
  • ✔ Stay ahead with continuous modernization

Very few products have managed to distill a complex market need into a uniquely complete offering quite like Avada has for WordPress themes across 10 years no less.

Despite increasing competition, Avada continues to be the pinnacle of WordPress theme innovation that sets benchmarks for everyone else to follow or fade away into niche obscurity.

Come 2024, Avada will continue to be the gold standard for premium WordPress themes. Backed by well-funded developers WP Content Themes, Avada offers unmatched depth that keeps increasing exponentially across dimensions like customizable design options, drag & drop flexibility, integrated page builder support, and demo variety.

Their public Trello roadmap confirms significant upgrades slated for 2024 – including full WordPress 6.1 optimization, header/footer builder refinements, the addition of 150+ website templates, and overall design revamps to meet evolving web trends.

Dwarfing competition, Avada provides elite-grade power and forward-looking innovation that no other theme matches. So whether launching a blog, e-commerce store, or directory site – Avada emerges as a safe bet for 2024 as well.

Avada’s creators WP Content Themes have exciting developments in store for 2024 to retain its undisputed #1 theme status. Their public Trello roadmap reveals ongoing WordPress optimization, enhanced backend editor workflows, header/footer builder customization, and alignment with emerging web design trends.

But the most ambitious upgrade planned is enlarging the insanely comprehensive demos library by an additional 150+ premium industry-specific sites. This will expedite the launch for niche sites from magazines, and travel portals to charity foundations.

Having revolutionized WordPress site-building with Avada, this continuous innovation zeal powered by their robust team will further the gaps against copycats in 2024 as well. There are no signs of complacency which is great news for the 1M+ Avada community.

Currently, in 2023, Avada from ThemeFusion is priced at a one-time fee of $69 making it affordable for most WordPress users. As we step into 2024, no price hike is expected by ThemeFusion even with the insane adoption of over 939,346 active sites powered by Avada as of writing.

However, 2024 will see new additions to the onboarding bundles targeted towards small agencies and freelancers managing multiple WordPress sites. For instance, a new $299 bundle provides Avada licenses for up to 5 client sites along with 1 year of dedicated support and training – representing over 60% savings!

While the starter price remains unchanged, expanded 2024 bundle options make Avada even more lucrative for web design teams handling WordPress site builds for SMBs. Scale without restrictions at a fraction of the cost!

With over 19,000 WordPress themes in its marketplace, ThemeForest tracks top sellers in real-time across various categories. When it comes to their highest-grossing WordPress theme of all time – Avada from ThemeFusion leads by a massive margin.

Launched in 2012, Avada has sold over 950,000+ times establishing itself as one of the most popular premium themes ever created. For context, the #2 best seller Ultimo stands at just over 200,000 sales.

Some key reasons behind Avada’s runaway success are:

  • Packed with robust features like drag & drop builder
  • 100+ ready-made website demos for a faster launch
  • Constant innovation via quarterly updates
  • Superior support response time

Updated 2022 figures reveal Avada generates 28,000+ sales every month, confirming its undisputed leadership status. ThemeFusion co-founder Anil Canbolat credits staying ahead of needs via a packed roadmap for the ecosystem they’ve built around Avada.

No other theme comes close currently both in terms of numbers or reputation. Avada continues strengthening its grip as ThemeForest’s highest-selling WordPress theme since 2013, making it the de facto choice for premium site launches.

So unless ThemeFusion decides to break a winning formula and gives up years of compounding work, 2023 and beyond seems to be another victory lap for Avada supremacy!


In closing, Avada’s meteoric rise to becoming the best selling WordPress theme ever is powered by the robustness of its product packed with every feature one could ask for. Combined with the long-term trust built through phenomenal support and continuous delivery of innovation, no other theme comes close currently to challenging Avada’s supremacy.

For anyone prioritizing versatility, depth of capability, and reliability while choosing a premium theme, Avada checks all boxes unambiguously. Backed by the full force of ThemeFusion’s resources focused singularly on advancing Avada to new heights, the future looks brighter than ever for this theme juggernaut!

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